Client Testimonies

Got rear-ended on local street, I was in so much pain when NSJ stepped in! NSJ really took care of me with when I was devastated with sustained injury. From chiropractic, MRI, Pain Management, to injections, NSJ arranged everything and communication level is in another dimension! Rachel was kind, easy to get in touch with, she was understanding and very prompt when following up with me. Great result follows great service! No regrets!


Auto Accident Case

I sustained a concussion upon accident when I was in transportation service vehicle. NSJ took care of my medical treatments from chiropractic, MRI, Orthopedic, injections, to neurologist. As disabled person, I have to take transportation service to get to places. Rachel was easy to get a hold of, understanding my situation as disabled person. She followed up with prompt and detailed communication! My case is still on-going and NSJ have earned my trust!

J. L.

Uber/Lyft Accident Case

I had a car accident where the other party was at fault and sustained a back injury. Rachel at NSJ Law Group was amazing along with Kevin Yang. They got me all the help I needed for my back injury. From chiropractic help to injections. Communication was very easy and straightforward. Rachel was very easy to get in touch with and kept me up to date with everything. I HIGHLY recommend coming to Rachel for help. Amazing experience with NSJ!

HECTOR N. - 09/30/2020

Auto Accident Case

My mother got into a minor car accident in which she wasn't at fault and came to NSJ Law group for the insurance dispute. Thomas Yoo was very helpful in making this ordeal as smooth and stress-less as he could while him and his team took care of everything. A reason my mother came to NSJ was because of their bilingual accommodation as she speaks primarily Korean. Excellent service, will reach out to them again in the future when needed.

Brian L. - 08/24/2020

Auto Accident Case

Okay guys, this is the best place where you need to get help if you get into a car accident. I got into an accident in March 2020 and I had NO IDEA what to do at that moment. My friend recommended me to call this place if I can get some help and they literally helped me like I was one of their family members. After the first meeting, they took care of everything. I didn't need to explain or answer questions through phone calls and emails from opponent's insurance company, and they introduced me a good chiropractic place for my back pain which's gotten better now! They were really good at follow ups and didn't miss any details even little things. They kept checking on me if I was okay from the day I got into the accident until the end of my case. I thought it was going to take forever to finalize my case, but I was wrong. I'm pretty sure they worked really hard since my case closed faster than I expected. I didn't have to worry about this accident since the day I asked them to take care of it and I could see they were working hard. It genuinely saved my time and health for my future. If I didn't call them and asked them to take care of my case, I would have had a severe back pain and could't have been able to get right treatment at the right moment. I would like to say thank you for bringing good results! This place deserves a title "the best law group"

Reina K. - 11/22/2020

Auto Accident Case

For sure this is the best place to go when you get into any kind of auto accidents or you have any questions regards to auto related injuries.
Obviously this place exceeds certain expectations, but NSJ really takes it beyond the expectations. I do work in the healthcare field and I deal with a lot of law offices that are not responsive, rude, seeing clientele as only source of income rather than actual people in need of help, and just not professional enough (if you know what I mean). With NSJ, I never had any kind of troubles.
NSJ is really really great at responding to your questions. They handle all the cases very transparetnly and precisely. I never had any feeling that they were hiding and cutting down some information (sounds crazy but a log of places do that) with clients or healthcare professionals.
And of course NSJ is very capable of what they are supposed to do ... Winning and Settling for better. My other law offices were hesitant about it (he was with other law office first and he later decided to go with NSJ, best decision in my opinion)
So if you need help, go with NSJ. For sure I recommend here.

Krian L. - 11/30/2020

Healthcare Professional

I got into a car accident earlier this year and Rachel was able to find me a chiropractor the next day that was 5 minutes from my house to start with the treatment right away. She and the lawyers Kevin and Thomas started the process right away and even with the COVID and all they were able to find me and schedule times for all the hospital visits and MRI scans that were to my convenience. When I had questions for them, i could email, call, or text them knowing they will respond quickly and thoroughly. I was able to close out my case without any issues and I did not have to worry about anything other than getting better with treatments. I had already recommended them to my friend and I would recommend NSJ law group to anyone who is looking for diligent and helpful lawyers.

Ethan L. - 10/19/2020

Auto Accident Case

Wow, I cannot recommend this place enough... First, their response time is incredibly fast. And if they happen to be busy, they make sure to give you a call back within 24 hrs. Second, the thoroughness of all the paper work is on point. Third, they surely do make sure that you get the most benefit out of the accidents that occurred to you regardless who's at fault. My father has gotten into a car accident and on that day, I remembered a friend of mine recommending this lawyer and so I gave them a call the moment we got into an accident to ask them how to handle this case. They were very pleasant and knowledgable to list out the steps of what to do with the police officer and with the other party. I told my father the direction to handle the situation and it ended gracefully. Thank you NSJ lawgroup for being available whenever I needed the NSJ Lawgroup team!

Hari K. - 11/25/2020

Auto Accident Case

It is very scary to have been involved in a car accident. But it is also very reassuring to have NSJ Lawgroup and lawyer Thomas Yoo help me through the process. Thanks to the lawyer Yoo's quick and accurate handling of the matter, I was able to comfortably leave everything to him until the case was closed. From right after the traffic accident until all the cases were cleared, he gave me details and contacted me from time to time so that I could feel safe. I was hurt a lot because of the car accident, but I wouldn't have recovered like now without my lawyer. I wonder who else could've taken care of me so carefully like him. In the future, if I get involved in a car accident again, I will seek the help of lawyer Yoo without hesitation, and if any of my acquaintances need help, I will introduce them here too.

Eunbin L. - 12/02/2020

Auto Accident Case

I was involved in an accident, my friend recommended me to them. They were super helpful in guiding me throughout the process, keeping me updated with the case. They would also called me when there is update info. I definitely recommend this to anyone

Tatiana B. - 11/27/2020

Auto Accident Case

Robert H.

NSJ Really came through for me!

Robert H.

Auto Collision Case